Analyzing gender in the movie Halloween with machine learning

For a Halloween-themed experiment, we used machine learning to help analyze the scene settings and content in the 1978 movie “Halloween.” We used TensorFlow img2txt to generate descriptions for each frame and then ran python scripts to pull frames based on word descriptions. Using the specific content we could get specific percentages and frame amounts for quantitative data surrounding female stereotypes.

Data Visualization:

Here is a link to the data visualization of the frames.

Scene analysis using machine learning and Tensorflow’s im2txt model
Percentage of frames in the movie where men and women are in traditionally female spaces in the movie 
Project Summary:

Time: 3 weeks

Technology: Python, Tensorflow- im2txt

Goal: Analyze gender to reveal patterns in the portrayal of women in film using machine learning

Credits:  Aarati Akkapeddi, Tresson Canley, Lauren Malkani


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