Exquisite Corpse: Anubis VR


This project was made for my Building Worlds class.  The class is designed to think through VR environments and storylines. The prompt for this project was to play the exquisite corpse game with a partner and develop a game around the words we selected in two weeks.  The game works where each person answers a set of questions about a story  individually and then you combine the answers to the questions to make a new story.  We came up with the words:  Time: Ancient Egypt, Environment: Shire, Natural Event: Heat Wave, Adjective: Grumpy.

For the story, we created a personal narrative around a main character, an Anubis, who was living in an Ancient Egyptian shire.  In her shire village, everyone must worship a very persnickety and grumpy Anubis god that is never satisfied with the offerings that must be laid out by the villagers each morning.  A small group of rebellious Anubis people lead an effort to rebel against the Gods and take all the gifts for themselves.  The character must decide what she believes in and whether or not to steal the gifts of the god.


If the character offers gifts, things go well.  If she does not, the Anubis God melts the city and kills everyone. The story was inspired by the story of Pompeii


We modeled the assets in Maya and built the world in Unity.

Quick Project Summary:

  1. Class: Building Worlds
  2. Technology: Unity and Maya
  3. Time: 2 weeks
  4. Goal: Create a VR world using the Exquisite Corpse prompt

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