Trapped: A Dystopic VR World

This project was designed for my Building Worlds class. The prompt was to build a dystopic world.  We created a world where you are trapped in your own mind constantly running through repeating memories.  The project was built using Unity.  The models and assets were built in Maya.

The scene opens with a set of four rooms that represent phases of your life: work, family, and an “endless” room where all your memories appear in fragments.  You can pass from room to room through the photo frames on the walls, as they represent how your memories take you through each room over and over.  Your past becomes a recursive reality from which you cannot escape.

Explore the world


Quick Project Summary:

  1. Class: Building Worlds
  2. Technology: Unity and Maya
  3. Time: 2 weeks
  4. Goal: Create a dystopic world

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