5 in 5 : The social bubble

This project centers around the art for instagram phenomena and the current obsession with taking photos for social media to record everything we do.  As a short-form documentary filmmaker, I have always been interested in ethical implications of taking a photo during certain moments and when you are missing real-life experience in order to capture or record an event.

This project explores our overriding need to take photos instead of participating.  I am interested in exploring the idea that we have records and photos of us in places we don’t remember. An alternative self traveling that appears in all our photos, but is not part of our existence, memory, and experience.


Social media vs. physical experience

I did not mind map as this  idea is the hybrid result of the archive project and a previous project from bootcamp on social media.  It was solidified in “Occupy Earth” where we were exploring the concept of “sensing ourselves sensing.”


How can I create a project that allows people to question their motives on why they take photos for social media and what those consequences might be?  When do our photos become more real than our lives?


  1. “Wonder” Exhibit / Smithsonian Renwick Gallery
  2. “Interface” / Peter Campus
  3. Anxiety and Social Media
Interface / Peter Campus
Wonder Exhibit





Installation: A bright pink bubble-like structure that is set-up in a park.  There is one sliding pink door that the participant enters. It starts out dark and after a few seconds three camera projections fill the curved services with different angles of the participant inside the bubble.  The camera images change and repeat constantly so as to be overwhelming.  There is a small window in the one of the sides that the participant must stare through to avoid the constant flashing of their own image.  There will be lights that flash just under the epileptic frequency.




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