5 in 5: Mouse meditation

I have attempted to do 5 min meditations using various apps for several months now without succeeding. I can meditate if I am already doing a disengaging activity, like lounging on Saturday, walking to get lunch, or in the park. However, it was virtually impossible for me to stop my work in the middle of the day and try to meditate, despite reading long articles on the benefits of doing so.

However, there was one meditation that used your computer screen to create mindfulness.  It allows you to focus on your cursor and resizing your browser.  It mainly focuses on zooming in and out on the screen, either literally or metaphorically.

How might I create a meditation app that encourages you to be on your computer and allows your mind to focus on current tasks in a way that is soothing?  How can I reduce the overhead of task switching in order to meditate in the middle of the work day?

Using this idea, I wanted to create a meditation app that helped reduce anxiety, increase focus and allowed you to think about your current task on the computer.  A meditation that allowed me to recite, breathe and focus on my work without the overhead of task switching.


  1. Buddhify App
  2. Headspace
  3. Calm.com

I researched that way they used objects, sound and color to help you focus on certain aspects that would bring a sense of calm.  They often centered on being able to sort through thoughts and repeat things out loud.

Calm and Buddhify


  • App that lets you focus on the computer screen with audio guidance
  • Uses your mouse as a focus tool
  • Uses color blocking on page to help you focus
  • Relaxing sound



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