5 in 5: Manipulated everyday objects

For this project, I did a word association exercise and I came up the words “Horror + Tactile + Analog.”  I decided to explore our relationship to everyday objects.  I wanted to create an experience that forced us to re-think the purpose of the technology or items we use everyday.  For example, straws are one of the greatest causes for beach and ocean pollution, resulting in the death of thousands of marine animals each year.


I used the word association to come up with a topic idea I was interested in. After mindmapping a few options I came up with the following questions:

How can I re-imagine re-imagine our daily lives to consider how we engage with the environment around us? When does something change from being normal to being frightening? What are the implications of material produced with technology?


  1. Top causes of ocean pollution
  2. Rafael San Frantello’s 3-D printed pieces
  3. East Austin Studio tour- “Objects”


A series of 3-D printed objects that are manipulated or distorted in some physical way that forces the viewer to rethink their use and purpose in your life, but also in a greater global context.  It would bring question how we might use new material technology like 3-D printers, what are the future implications of such fabrication? The objects would manipulate things like shadow, touch, sound and visuals.


Accidental prototype: My candle transforming into angry bearded men

The accidental prototype:

This is a photo of a candle in my room that I happened to light while thinking about this project and it became my accidental prototype. It was a simple glass candle holder, but when I lit it for the first time, these large angry men’s faces appeared and it transformed into a frightening scene where I felt I was being watched.  It reminded me of the movie “Twelve Angry Men” and I thought it would be a perfect example of an object that transforms into something that is unpredictable and frightening.

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